Voice Control

“Alexa, turn off my house.” It’s that simple.

Simply say a command and voice control will take care of the rest. Imagine leaving your home, saying “goodbye” out loud and in an instant, the TV and lights turn off, the garage door closes and the door locks behind you. Or when you wake up and say “good morning”, the blinds open, the TV flicks to your favourite morning news, the alarm disarms and the heating turns on. That’s the power of voice control. And it’s only the beginning.

Transform your smart speakers into exclusive home assistants with integrated voice control. From basic integrations with your Amazon Alexa to a total voice-controlled home, Custom Digital can put the infrastructure in place to morph your space into a complete smart home system of the future. Contact us or visit our Control4 Certified ShowroomControl4 Dealer in Wanaka to learn more about smart home technologies.