Lighting Control

Experience increased energy efficiency, home security, custom lighting scenes and the ability to control several smart products with just the touch of a button.

Lighting is an essential component of our homes and certainly, our lives. Smart lights understand the time of day, what happens in a particular room, even the mood, to activate in your presence and adjust light as needed. Our sophisticated lighting control and smart switches are sleek, efficient and can be retrofitted into any home.

Smart lighting consolidates your switches into one switch or keypad so you can control all your lights and other smart devices. The smart switches and keypads are personalised for your home and can create any mood or ambiance with one touch. The push of a single button can control lighting, audio visual systems, locks, thermostats, garage doors and more. Contact us or visit our Control4 Certified Showroom in Wanaka to learn more about smart home technologies.

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