Cambridge YoYo Medium (Pair) RRP: $599

Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

There’s no disguising that Yoyo (M) was made by Hi-Fi engineers. Yes, a one box speaker is practical and space efficient, but from a sound perspective this is a compromise. Recorded music is mastered to be heard in stereo and for that you need two speakers. Which is why we’re introducing L+R channel into the world of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Wireless Stereo Sound

Yoyo (M) speakers connect together to deliver exceptional L+R channel playback of your digital files.

Audio Components

Each Yoyo (M) has one full range driver and a subwoofer, which deliver incredibly powerful stereo sound from compact profiles.


Connect any Bluetooth device for high quality wireless audio.

Gesture Control

Control your playback hands free by swiping your hand across the control panels. Useful mid-pasta making session or flower-bed digging.

Speaker Phone

Built-in high quality microphone lets you make and receive calls using the speakers. Useful for group chats and keeping hands free.


24-hour built-in battery means that YoYo (M) can follow you faithfully around the home, out into the garden, up to the office and then round to your friend’s house for dinner.

Synchronised Volume Control

YoYo (M) and your smartphone will align their volume levels so you don’t have to adjust these on both device and speakers.

USB Charging

Built-in USB port lets you plug-in and charge your smartphone or other MP3 device, even when the speaker is unplugged.

Marton Mills Fabric Cover

Bespoke Birds Eye fabric is acoustically-transparent and treated to repel dirt, water and unnecessary wear and tear.



Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey

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